Live Casino UK 2020

Live Casino or Live Dealer games are one of the most popular services in the online gaming world today.

When the internet came into the equation, it provided casino-goers with the opportunity to play their favourite games anytime, anywhere. But the experience many enjoyed at land-based venues was left behind. That was until Live Casino came onto the scene; with punters able to play along with live dealers and in live settings on-demand.

Software providers

Just as there is with any online gaming software, there are providers who create the Live Casino content for players to enjoy. Many of the development teams behind hit slot games are involved in the Live Dealer sector, with the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech all featuring.

However, when it comes to Live games, there is very much a market leader, and that’s Evolution Gaming. They are a company who have focused all their efforts on live dealer services since 2006, and this has allowed them to become specialists in their field, leading the way for the last thirteen years.


Live Casino aims to recreate an authentic experience in the online world for casino enthusiasts. Therefore, the games that are available to play, very much tally up with the ones you expect to find at a land-based venue. Roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat and more all feature in most offerings; with some operators carrying more than 50 Live table games available for everyone to choose from.

In fact, we’re now seeing an increase in unique Live Casino content created by software providers as the demand for the content increases.

Dreamcatcher is a prime example of a game which has been designed uniquely for the sector, and one which is proving to be very popular with players all around the world.


There are plenty of positives which come with Live Dealer games, and that’s why it’s so in demand in the online casino scene. The convenience it provides is enormous, as punters can now enjoy their favourite casino games at any time of the day, or night, and from wherever they are.

When you factor in the authentic experience live casino provides, it takes online gaming to the next level.

Furthermore, players appreciate the fact that they are playing against a real dealer at a real table - and not a computer program and/or random number generator. There is that element of fairness, where some punters prefer not having to worry about technology adversely affecting game play and/or results.

Live Casino embraces the latest technology too and is now having a significant impact on the mobile gaming market. This means punters have access to an immersive and interactive casino experience on demand, whether they’re on the daily commute or their lunch break at work, for example.


As with anything, there are a few disadvantages associated with Live Casino. One of the first is that games can be slow when other players are at the table. And while there are time limits in place for turns to be taken; there can still be delays, and these often prove to be frustrating.

Live Casino’s popularity works against it somewhat at times too, with many tables often being full. Players will have to wait their turn is some instances, but there are games which have an unlimited number of seats available.

Punters may experience bugs along the way when playing Live Casino, but one thing you can be sure of is that the service is improving quickly. The perceived negatives are being worked on and turned into positives, especially with technology advancing at an unstoppable rate.

There is no doubt this will help to create the ultimate gaming experience for players to enjoy.