Instant Play Casinos 2019

Instant play casinos are the most popular type of online casinos. You may have heard the term before but not know exactly what it means. Well, there is a good chance that you have been frequenting instant play casinos your whole life. To learn what is an instant play casino, their benefits and read the other talking points on these types of casinos – read on!

Before online casinos were so popular and before they were found on every corner of the internet, gamblers had a less convenient experience. On many occasions, a gambler would have to sign up to an online casino and then download software which would allow them to be able to play the casino’s games.

As online casinos became more popular, they realised that gamers were not enjoying the slow and inconvenient process of having to download their software before starting.

And then instant play casinos were born...

Instant play casinos are a category of online casinos that allows its members to play games instantly upon sign up. They can access the best games without having to download additional software to support the games. Most online casinos made today are classed as instant play casinos – but there are still successful casinos around that require you to download the software first, which we will return to shortly.

There are three major benefits of instant play casinos. The first one has already been discussed.

By not having to download software, using an instant play casino becomes convenient and a seamless start to joining a new site.

The second benefit is player options. With most online casinos choosing to operate as an instant play casino, most games are found on these sites and players have a wealth of options to suit different gambling tastes.

Possibly the most relevant benefit of all is the accessibility that instant play casinos afford. Online gambling has steered away from just laptops and desktops with more players using smartphones and tablets to play on the move. Downloading software to support games is not possible with many of these devices and therefore instant play casinos leave the door open for convenient gambling without a laptop to hand.

There are some limitations to instant play casinos despite their many positives. The most prolific is that those that do require software downloads have the capability of improving on quality.

Additional software is possible to make graphics and the gaming experience even better.

However, this advantage of non-instant-play casinos may become redundant with better technology to build gambling websites.

When you want convenience and are looking for a reputable instant play casino, always ensure that the casino is licensed and that it offers the games you are looking for. You may also want to look for instant play casino promotions to make your money and enjoyment go further.

Promotions can often be found on instant play casino websites directly or through affiliate websites.