The online casino industry has come a long way since its inception over two decades ago. You could say the last five years have seen rapid growth take place.

And this coincides with the advancements made in technology, with this being key for casino operators and iGaming software providers. With the industry booming, the quantity of platforms has grown with it, so being an upstanding and reputable member in the sector is crucial.

Many casino reviews are pumped out online as the competition within the industry increases. So to separate the good from the bad there are things to look out for, and the first is, of course, the mention of licenses.

A licensed gaming platform will always have the edge over an unlicensed one. So, therefore, a review should mention the operator’s been approved by the UK Gambling Commission for example. It’s always worth looking to see if licenses in other jurisdictions are present too, such as the Isle of Man, Malta and Alderney.

Where would an online casino be without games, right? Well, games should always feature heavily in a review as they are the bread and butter of platforms. However, there is more to content than meets the eye in many respects.

The genre, or genres, of titles, should always get a mention, as not one kind will suit everyone. Then there’s the type of games too, with online casinos featuring multiple, from slot games and table classics, through to instant win, video poker and bingo.

It’s quite easy to forget software providers when it comes to online casino gaming, but again they’re essential to look out for in a review.

There are some major iGaming teams out there such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech, and generally, the more prominent and more recognisable the name of the provider, the better the game content will be, which means the platform is much more likely to be fun and enjoyable.

Live Casino is on the rise, as more and more players are keen to enjoy the most authentic casino experience possible when playing the likes of poker and blackjack.

Therefore, you want to know about the live casino services offered in a review. It will not only indicate that you are considered as an individual for but also how innovative and forward-thinking the operator is too, which is equally as important.

Again, providers will come into play here, as live casino is a specialist service in the online gaming world. The likes of Evolution Gaming lead the way when it comes to live casino, so if they or other reputable companies get a mention in a review, you know the operator means business.

Live casino isn’t an area where the bare minimum or a compromise on quality is acceptable. So, the provider and operator must be up to scratch in this area. Again, something to look out for in a review.

Promotions and Bonuses are what bring players to an online casino, and what keeps them there, so learning about what’s on offer in a review can be significant. The welcome bonus available should always get a mention, especially the amount of bonus fund which is up for grabs.

From there, a review should include information about other promotions too, especially those that are time-limited.

Rather than being told about the traditional promotions, ideally, you want to hear that the operator has launches a new promo or a tournament to coincide with the time of year for example. And then you want to know why it’s advantageous and what you can go on to win as a player taking part.

Bonuses and promotions are deal breakers for some gamers, so they’re always deserving of a through covering in a write-up.

Finally, we move on to customer service and support. From time to time, people will run into an issue, or they will have questions to ask, and this is where customer carer comes into play.

It’s something which is relied on by everyone, but often not mentioned enough. A reputable platform will always invest in customer service and their support systems, and so should a review, as peace of mind is crucial in the online gaming world.

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